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eCommerce Hosting & Licence

Our eCommerce hosting services don't just cover having a web server with your files hosted on it. Our service includes:

  • 1 x Licence to use Top-Content CMS Software with Top-Content eCommerce Module
  • Technical Support, via e-mail & phone if you have any problems or need assistance using the system
  • Managed Hosting on private servers. This includes all the disk space, bandwidth & processing power your website requires
  • SSL Certificate Installation & Management, including dedicated IP address allocation where required.
  • Domain Renewal & Management Fees
  • Full pro-active server monitoring to ensure maximum uptime.

Starting at £35pcm*

* Based on 10GB Disk Allocation & 50GB Bandwidth, although this is often unmetered. Can vary depending on website functionality such as payment gateways.


Balanced & Failover Hosting

These are our high availability solutions which we recommend for any mission critical websites.

Our Balanced or Failover setups will host your website & eCommerce system on two seperate servers in different locations simultaneously. If one server fails or requires any form of maintenance, the other can take over with minimal distruption.


Extended Validation SSL

Standard SSL is included by default with our eCommerce websites, this caries the same level of encryption & security from a technical perspective, which is the industry standard 2048-bit key.

However, if you need to help build trust with your potential customers, we can provide Extended Validation SSL certificates. These provide the same level of encryption, but as an additional step verify your company details. These "EV" certificates give you the full "green trust bar", which is where the address bar in your browser turns green.


Can I host my eCommerce website elsewhere?

Unfortunately if you want to take advantage of the Top-Content eCommerce System, your website needs to be hosted on our servers. There are a few reasons for this, including:

  • The Top-Content system requires a very specific server setup. It's not the kind of software which can be run on just any shared web hosting.
  • The hosting fees include a licence to use the Top-Content CMS and the Top-Content eCommerce systems. These systems are our proprietary software.
  • Our hosting services include updates to the core Top-Content system for feature updates & bug fixing.