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Delivery Management Features

We know from experience how complex delivery rules can become, which is why we've put together a system with multiple tiers of delivery price calculation.

And if your delivery rules don't fit into these tiersm, it's possible for bespoke rules to be created & implemented into your eCommerce website. 


Delivery Zones

These can be made up from regions (based on Potsal Code), states or entire countries.

Each zone can include multiple regions or countries, and can exclude certain areas too.


Delivery Methods

These are normally based on both the weight of the basket & the timescale for delivery. You have complete control over how these are named & presented to the customer.

Each delivery method can be targetted to one or more delivery zones.


Delivery Surcharges

Sometimes you need extra charges for delivering items which, in some way, have special requirements such as their size, weight or value. This is where delivery surcharges then enables you to specify an extra delivery charge, on top of the normal delivery method, when certain items are being purchased.

Each surcharge can be targetted to one or more delivery methods.


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