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Product Catalogue

The product catalogue is an essential part of the eCommerce process, it has to be easy for customers to browse for and find the products they want to purchase.



Categorising products can be a big help to your customers navigation process. But it is important to ensure these are done in a way which is friendly to search engines too - you don't want to end up with duplicate content issues. Which is why we have developed a set of search engine friendly tools which can be integrated into your product categorisation system.


Product Search

We can offer both attribute based search as well as full keyword search functionality to help customers find particular products.



High quality images can have a big impact on the purchase process. The Top-Content CMS system gives you a wide range of possibilities for how to present these images to your customers.


Related Products

Product pages can highlight related items which the customer may also be interested in.


Best Sellers / Featured Products

You can choose to have key lines highlighted throughout the website to help push sales. These can either be the truly best selling items from the last 7 days, or can be manually controlled.


Special Offer Pricing



Offer Landing Pages

If you have a special promotion available only to certain people, such as those who are on your eMarketing list or who attend a particular event, you can setup a dedicated offer landing page. This offer page would not be visible to normal visitors to the website, and could show an additional discount or offer.

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